Are you one of those women who has spent most of her life devoting herself to her family, her work, performing all kinds of routine tasks so that others around them live better? If so, then you know what it costs to fulfill faithfully the obligations that follow. Because, to do this, you set aside the satisfaction of your own desires.

Where are you, now that your duty is done? Do you experience the very legitimate desire to find a new meaning to your life, beyond the role you’ve ever played, a desire to rediscover?

An Invitation

Joan Anderson, author of the book A Weekend to Change Your Life launches women from all over the United States and Canada an invitation to come live with her in a three-day retreat to reconnect with their authentic self. Using workshops, targeted exercises, questionnaires and in-depth situational thought, she makes them understand that they need time, support, encouragement, and tips relevant to do so.

Joan Anderson is for housewives whose children have left, leaving them alone with their thirst to be useful again, to career women who thought they could do everything and who are now finding their limits, for young mothers wishing to escape the turmoil of their lives for a weekend, and let’s not forget single women who wonder if they haven’t missed out on something.

A New Life

During this period, these mothers, daughters, sisters and these grandmothers, with their new friends, come learn how to reclaim their selves that they have hidden so well, year after year. They come to walk on the beach of Cape Cod, share their stories with other women and, thanks to the wisdom transmitted by the author, they find themselves at last.

In the exclusive space of a moment, they sometimes leave the pain of an adrift marriage, demanding children, a suddenly empty nest, a domineering boss, or a career with no future or a dull existence to begin a new life.

During this retreat, they learn to live in the present moment, to unlearn the rules, agree to time off to be perfect in their imperfections, and to take action so as to bring about change.

In this, the author may very well guide them in this way, since she herself chose to leave everything to go to a place where she could be alone, away from family, friends and outside influences, to make a fresh start, to become reconciled with herself and all that she wanted to be. The methods she suggests, she has all carefully tested.

Meet and Take Stock

For these women, change has become a necessity. They need to regenerate and heal their wounds, never to be foreigners in their own bodies. This weekend provides precisely the context in which to evolve and recognize. Gradually, taking time, they cross all the stages to come together and take stock of themselves.

Sharing relevant exercises, with evocative names, to focus on their successes. Thus, they attempt to identify the innate strengths that they have used in every situation to overcome obstacles and resolve conflicts. By recognizing their weaknesses and their strengths, they are able to reclaim their identity.

Women who participated in these retreats say it is possible to isolate themselves during these few days and an experience that changes a life. With their adventure, they urge everyone to try to devote that time and record their progress, which serves as their springboard for their own ideas. Later they will find encouragement and inspiration to re-evaluate their habits and their roles, and to discover how far they can go.

Women who participate in these weekend workshops leave many things behind when they decide to come. But a full life requires that we cultivate ourselves, and the life of the majority of women does require a moment of rest and escape to restore the soul, body and spirit. We must learn to appreciate each of our seasons if we want to bring fresh fruit. Whether you are 30 or 60, the time is now: you have to go ahead and open the door!

An Invigorating Book

But if you cannot afford to leave your comfort zone for a few days, while aspiring to find your authentic self, and if you want your sagging morale to disappear, enjoy the present moment, let go, heal old wounds or exhume old facets of your being, A Weekend to Change Your Life is for you. The steps that the author has reached are very well-described in this refreshing book, and you can take at your own pace this powerful journey.

It is an opportunity to ask the hard questions, change your routine, break with the standards, and take ownership of a portion of each of your days. You can then restore freshness to your ideas and your activities that lack energy. After all, what have you got to lose? Life is truly great!


Joan Anderson, A Weekend to Change Your Life: Find Your Authentic Self After a Lifetime of Being All Things to All People