Think your job and your income. To apply the principle of 80/20, you should concentrate on improving your work (tasks, relationships, responsibility, entrepreneurial initiatives, etc) in such a way that you improve your wages, and eventually free up more time you spend on your personal achievement.

To help yourself start, answer the following questions:

  • What are the most important dimensions to improve to advance my career, my business?
  • Does my job allow me to go where I want to (in terms of passion and income)? If yes, what should I do to become a reference person in my area?
  • What initiatives are most valuable to take?
  • What is the best way to develop my passions while integrating into society?
  • Can I identify people, contexts and resources on which my success depends (e.g. Who are my colleagues, partners, acquaintances that I can draw on)?
  • What are the benefits for which my clients use my products or my services?

Responding to these questions will help you identify the 20% of your activities that produce 80% better results; a better to focus your energy then.

Remove Items that Generate Little Positive Effects

This method isn’t just about focusing on the 20% of activities that provide 80% of your results. You also need to reduce the other 80% of activities that produce only 20% of results! Again, I suggest you concentrate on your habits, your job, your relationships, and your goals; in short, everything that takes up your time and effort every day.

Your customers and your business are what produce the most results and earnings. Are there activities that you do just out of habit and are not really useful? Are there clients with whom you do business, but are only a source of problems? In answering these questions, you give yourself the opportunity to eliminate the dimensions of your activities that bring you the least results.

With this exercise, you will quickly grow your revenue and recognition along with your expertise. By eliminating unnecessary concerns, you free up time to reduce stress while increasing results that really matter.

Discover Strengths You Never Knew

Did you know that the mere awareness of your own behavior contributes to improvement? That is exactly what you do when you apply the principle of 80/20 to your life.

Your ability to control your focus and attention orients the results you get. These results will encourage you and help you to know yourself in a new context, which feeds your confidence and motivation. You learn to live in the heart of the virtuous circle of achievement.

This virtuous circle is the opposite of the vicious cycle of procrastination which makes us not want to do anything, unless we get results. Unless we get results, we aren’t proud of ourselves, and when that happens, we’re less motivated, and want results in order to work, and so on.

Thus, knowing that you can improve the proportion of results that your business offers is a strategy of choice to realize you in every aspect of your life. It comes down to discovering the potential you have but aren’t aware of!

The Exponential Curve of Success!

Why is it so important to discover your strengths? To unleash the potential to let you live the life you dream. And because, like all other human beings, you deserve it fully! In fact, if you take the risk of performed at less than your true potential, you may sacrifice much of your life and your happiness. Is it worth taking that risk?

Like the samurai, focus more on what is important and the intensity of your efforts will give results. This good habit will make you taste the fruit of the Law of Accelerating Returns of Efficiency and Success. And what this law? It simply says that every time you build what you build, you get more results. This law depends on your ability to get better every day. Each step through which you pass every effort, and all your initiatives, feeds your confidence, your knowledge, your accuracy and the impact of your actions and, therefore, your future results.

What is the wonderful result of this law? The time and effort it takes to get results decreases as you master new skills and habits that take you more efficient. You get more and more results in less time. In other words, you succeed more and more!

This law illustrates the importance of persevering and identifying what to work on first. Initially, each new initiative requires more time and effort to achieve results. But if you persevere, you learn, and you’ll have more ideas and increasing results. You will gain more in less time! Isn’t that a motivating reason to start now?