Many believe that letting go is simply a thing to remain calm, to be Zen. But letting go is so much more! This is a true vision of life that cultivates the ability to face with courage, to accept change and what we cannot control. For sometimes by losing something we find that we get much more!

Letting go is being able to change your outlook towards the world, embrace the unexpected without having to fight constantly. Letting go also rhymes with acceptance, forgiveness, and sometimes asks us to mourn for what we take.

You probably have encountered people who direct their anger continuously against details, that to you seemed futile. These people poison their lives and maintain an endless internal revolt that has plagues their communities and leads to loneliness.

However an extreme attitude is not necessary to become caught in negative thoughts and emotions. The inability to accept events can provide much suffering which may continue for a lifetime. Psychiatrist Victor Frankl was one of the first to comment on the benefits to accept what we cannot change.

What You Control and What You Can Not Control

Think for a moment about your business and your concerns. You will find that you have no control over some of them, and some you control directly from other activities, can give you results. The first lie in the area of unnecessary concerns and second in the control area.

To let go, you need to focus on what you can change. You then direct your energy on what is making improvements to your life. Instead, if you waste your energy worrying about things you cannot change, you feel frustration and resentment. For example, if you just point out weaknesses of others, criticize the smallest detail that bothers you, but on which you have no control, you increase your feeling of being a victim and you decline the responsibility of building your life.

Follow the Path of Letting Go

American author Guy Finley had wonderfully rich reflection on letting go. He had a great success in his career when he was younger, but that was not enough to make him happy. He understood that true wealth of existence is beyond material success.

Here are some strategies that Guy Finley suggests to let go:

  • Make a goal and exceed your personal limits.
  • Eliminate resentment.
  • Cultivate integrity and refuse to compromise.
  • Shun the temptation to blame others or events, which removes the power over your life.
  • Relax and try to eliminate your fears.

As Guy Finley, you can commit towards your personal fulfillment in your job seeking, by finding the direction that will lead your life. By learning to let go, you will give yourself the means to live in perfect harmony with yourself.