Hope and meaning are so important that they feed on our motivation and our desire to live well. In this article you will learn how to develop a vision, direction and hope that will feed your daily happiness.

The search for meaning has been identified as a major trend of the 21st century. .This implies that more and more people seek a deeper meaning to their existence. Every day we go about our business because they give us meaning and, we hope to improve our lives. The meaning of what we do plays a crucial role in our desire to live.

Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl observed the concentration camps during the Second World War. Frankl found that those who maintained the most hope, for example to see their family or staff complete a major project that was left unfinished, survived better and were more positive despite the inhuman treatment they suffered by the Nazis.

Today, more and more people seek a deeper meaning to their existence. People are starting to realize they can not truly be happy only through material abundance and external gratification.

The more a person acts for pleasure without looking for money or prestige, the more physically healthy he/she will be. It will also leave less scope for rumination and negative thoughts.

The basic motivation

The life of every human being is driven by two major forces: the desire to obtain pleasure and avoid pain. Our activities revolve around these main poles. But in our rich societies, aspirations quickly exceed the mere satisfaction of basic needs. Thus meaning and hope come into play, including the desire to do what is most important to us, which allows us to achieve inner peace.

But it is not so easy for us to have a vision that propels us forward. Consider a vision and sense of hope that makes you want to live. It may involve love, family, money or other things that hold value to your heart. Acting in accordance with your vision will multiply your motivation tenfold.

Your vision is the way you see your ideal life. Without vision, you will advance, but much slower, because you will not have special reasons to do one thing over another.

Questions to help determine a vision and give a sense of hope

  • What are the results I desire in my life?
  • What kind of balance do I aspire for in my career, my relationships, etc.?
  • What are my values, my tastes and interests?
  • What will make a difference in my life?

Hope, happiness and positive psychology

A new scientific discipline of cognitive psychology, called positive psychology, is increasingly popular in universities, especially the United States. It focuses on the happiness of people. One of the researchers who have contributed greatly to the development of this new discipline, Martin Seligman, was particularly interested in optimism. Hope and happiness go hand in hand, because according to various studies, those who believe in something that transcends them feel more blessed than others.

To hope is to live

It seems that hope still stays on, even in the worst conditions. Here is an example. There was a program to support aid workers who went to Indonesia following the tsunami that swept the coasts of several Asian countries in 2004. Following this harrowing experience, far from being extinguished of hope, the disaster was not enough to prevent survivors from looking forward to a positive future for themselves and for their nation. In other words, the importance of hope enabled them to transcend the horror of their situation.

Thus, the more you enrich the meaning of your life and keep realistic expectations, and the longer you will live a good and authentic life. You’ll also be more resilient to events and be able to assume responsibility for your life.

What makes us lose hope?

  • Sudden changes in our lives.
  • A lack or excess of responsibilities.
  • A lack of stimulation and encouragement.
  • Too much stress and worry.
  • A disappointment or loss.
  • Having set the bar too high and fail without giving it a fair try.



The Youtube channel of Dr. Alex Pattakos, author and speaker about meaning.