Dr. Menninger, founder of the famous Menninger Clinic, United States, said it was important to exhaust all the resources of homeopathy before resorting to drugs.

In terms of prevention, treatment of substance by a homeopathic professional or a graduate is a great way to increase the body’s natural defenses, in both children and adults. In general, the personalized medicine that we receive during this treatment is also the one who can save us of a possible flu.

Some homeopaths also recommend a specific preventive treatment, including the following procedure.

Homeopathic Prevention Procedure for Adults, Children and Infants

Ask your pharmacist for granules. For infants less than six months, dilute the pellet in 20 to 30 ml of water and shake vigorously for one minute. Give a few drops with a spoon.

1. The remedy Influenzinum 30 CH

Take three pellets, once a week for three weeks. A month later, take three pellets, once a month for three months.

2. The remedy Influenzinum 200 K

Take three pellets, once every six months. In case of an influenza epidemic, this remedy may be repeated every three to six months.

3. The trace elements LABCATAL

This is an excellent immune tonic. You will get two bottles in the pharmacy one contains copper and manganese and other only copper. From the appearance of first symptoms, take three or four jets per day from two bottles at once. Repeat as needed for two, three or four days.

You can stop as soon as symptoms disappear. However, beware: do not take this treatment when fasting, because it can cause severe nausea, which is temporary and benign.

Naturopathic Medicine against Colds and Flu

4. Taking vitamin C

Several discussions have taken place regarding the effectiveness of this nutrient, but since the publication of the book Vitamin C and the Common Cold, by Linus Pauling, many doctors recommend its recommendations. This book had actually had the effect of a bomb among the scientific and medical community.

Dr. Pauling recommended taking from 500 to 1000 mg of vitamin C every hour for several hours to reduce the severity and duration of a cold. He applied his own principles on himself by consuming 12,000 mg of vitamin C daily.

This doctor, who is also a Nobel laureate (twice), died at the age of 93. Why then such a debate? The numerous studies on the absorption of megadoses of vitamin C corroborates with that of Dr. Pauling. However, those on much lower doses suggest that vitamin C is not very effective to stop a cold.

If you want to cure a cold, you must take a lot of vitamin C otherwise, there is very little effect. Naturopaths recommend, for its part, use of vitamin C in combination with flavonoids at a rate of several grams per day.

5. Plant extracts

The extracts that are the most important and best studied in recent years on the effectiveness for fight against flu are Elderberry and Echinacea. Numerous studies have demonstrated their effectiveness in reducing virus replication in the body and these two plants enhance the ability of immune defense of the infected person.

Sambuguard, made by Flora, contains all parts of the elderberry variety. Haschberg is a superb juice extract of Echinacea purpurea and vitamin C. If a patient takes the 175ml bottle mixed with water for two days, there will be a very substantial reduction in symptoms, and flu will not last.