The days begin to wane and the cold tips his nose! Prepare now for a beautiful winter. Stock up on energy, give a boost to your immune system, radiant mind, celebrate the grey season!

From the first snow, enjoy the rhythm of the winter! While the earth is getting stronger and that the dark stretches, slow pitch, extend sleeping hours! It’s also time to put away infections. Here are some strategies to strengthen your immune system, maintain physical fitness and mental alertness. On menu, take plenty of vitamins and rest.


Did you know that our body’s defenses generally decrease by 30% in autumn? Room for voluptuous naps! Sleep is calling you? Above all, do not deprive yourself of the benefits of resting on your body. From the first days of winter, make a habit of going to bed earlier.

In general, the body requires eight to nine hours of sleep per day. If you are going to bed thirty minutes before the usual time, you should notice some difference. The first part of the night is richer in slow-wave sleep, one that is restorative. It is during this stage of sleep that is secreted growth hormone (which helps children grow and adults to restore their energy reserves, thus to recover).

In case of sleep disorders, have used infusions of plants (hawthorn, passionflower or valerian), effective against nervousness. If fatigue persists, add sprouts to your breakfast menu. Just two tablespoons will give a boost to your body. Indeed, during germination, the amount of nutrients is multiplied from three to twelve times. The seed is operating at full capacity, since it tries to transform. For you to enjoy!

Primer for combat winter illnesses

To fight against infections, these troublemakers, have recourse to immunity vitamins. In the first line of defense against bacteria and viruses is vitamin A. Liver, eggs, dairy products abound fo that vitamin.

For their part, vitamins B6 and B9 are involved in the proliferation of immune cells. They are especially valuable because they make up for the winter blues by acting on the brain. Indeed, they allow the synthesis of neurotransmitters associated with mood, or serotonin and dopamine. So do not get up the nose especially on meats, poultry, fish, green vegetables and whole grains.

The reputation of vitamin C on cell protection is very good. This friend of colorful fruits and vegetables also affects the regulation of immune responses. To take full combustion, go on the side of the kiwi and parsley; they contain four times more than orange or lemon. Some plants are even more natural in performance. An infusion of rose hip karkadé or tablet, for example, equals a pound of oranges!

Another arrow in your bow, vitamin D. Not only does this vitamin destroy infectious cells, but also acts on mood. Indeed, these “sunshine vitamin” can prevent SAD. There is evidence that people are not exposed to enough sun during the summer and are more prone to winter blues. In case of failure, take supplements or integrate into your diet of cod liver oil, salmon or sardines. Also, children and elderly people should monitor their levels of vitamin D to not weaken their immune system.