Beware of extreme precautions that you hear right and left about a healthy lifestyle, because you may put your well-being at risk. Here are some errors that are too frequent.

1. Do not overtrain yourself

Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or a private citizen, everyone needs a break from the fitness routine. Your body needs a variety of exercises to maintain or improve fitness. Overtraining can lead to muscle pain, injury, fatigue and even overwhelming depression.

With obsessive behavior in relation to fitness, there are chances some individuals feel they are taking control over one aspect of their lives and unfortunately, often to the detriment of other areas of their lives. If you do not skip a day at your gym, it means that there is nothing in your life that is most important. Remember that!

Healthy resolution. If you are preparing for a big party or a holiday by the sea, you can choose to pick up the pace a bit before the event and give you a break afterwards. Certainly, perseverance and discipline are put into a good fitness, but why make all this effort if you cannot even relax from time to time?

Stop to mortify yourself and give yourself moments of laziness and reward. These are exceptions and allow yourself a walk in the nature with your sweetheart instead of your workout in the fitness center. Plan a day off and have fun with your friends – strength, flexibility and freedom! A session in a spa perhaps!

2. Sometimes you can eat sweets

Try to eliminate all forms of sugar may prove to be excessive and, paradoxically, harm your health. If you try to eliminate all sugars from your diet, sooner or later you will develop a taste to engulf much sugar and cream and you cannot stop yourself.

Healthy resolution. Allow yourself to bring sweets in your diet instead by opting for those that are better for your health, such as a bowl of raspberries topped with decadent dark chocolate, a mini slice of cheesecake or chocolate truffle sublime the occasion of course. What good in living if you cannot enjoy the pleasures of life!

3. Do not stay in your relationships at all costs

Whether a professional or interpersonal relationship, it is unhealthy to stay in a situation where the fun and harmony are more like appointments. The stress that comes from a relationship of persistent conflict, resentment and discontent may lead you to feel powerless or helpless. It may be that guilt is the engine in the background that makes you stay in an unacceptable situation. But no one is forced to “sacrifice” his well-being for that of another. It’s a matter of individual freedom.

In addition, it can rob you of years of your life. Research shows that if you’re in a stressful situation for more than a few months, you are prone to develop physical problems such as headaches, hair loss, skin problems, digestive problems and short-term increased risk of heart problems that may turn in the long term. The psychological effects can vary from the sleep disorder to depression and do not just an intolerable situation. Life worth living in peace and harmony!

Healthy resolution. Ending a relationship is not easy. But if you’re not happy, the first step is to ask exactly what is missing in your situation. Perhaps you feel that your relationship does not correspond to the idea that you had made of it. Maybe you feel betrayed because your boss does not give you the promotion you deserve.

Take note of your emotions and verbalize your displeasure… It may be that you and your partner want to seek outside help together or individually. No doubt you have the option to change departments or boss to work elsewhere or renegotiate your roles and responsibilities. You must identify how long you live with this situation and how much you’re willing to risk damaging your health by living the status quo.