Americans are Eating Better, But…

The most recent report on American eating habits shows that they eat more vegetables and fruits than before, but sweets and snack foods still occupy much space in their diets. Thus, only 50% of the population manages to reach 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables needed daily. A quarter of Americans do not consume the minimum required on this.

Further, two out of three Americans say they prefer white bread to brown bread. Fish and pulses in the base remain small, and salt still plays a too large in the diet. Overall, it is men aged between 19 to 30 years that the lowest daily feed. Despite these figures, eating habits have improved since 1990, but there are still many improvements needed to achieve the minimum necessary to maintain good health.

How Can a Man Live 10 Years Longer?

A British study shows that men aged 50 and over, in the absence of three risk factors for heart disease, may prolong their life expectancy by 10 years. How? By stopping smoking, monitoring their blood pressure and decreasing levels of bad cholesterol.

Thus, a man of 50 who meets these three conditions is likely to live almost 10 more years, increasing the life expectancy of 74 years to nearly 83 years! Smoking is probably the most important factor. Thus, a man who stops smoking at 60 years would extend his life by three years; at 50, six years; and at 40, nine years. Something to think about!

The Ideal Food for Pregnant Women

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to eat for two during pregnancy, but to eat better. Especially to allow a smooth pregnancy, for the proper development of the baby, and then a return to a healthy weight. Here are some tips:

  • Eat three meals a day and a snack if necessary: the result of a well-structured meal prevents food cravings and promotes better control of weight gain.
  • Have a hearty breakfast: include protein (cheese, yoghurt, eggs), complex carbohydrates (cereals, wholemeal bread), water and orange juice.
  • Lunch and dinner: raw vegetables, fish, eggs, tofu or legumes, cooked greens, a dairy product (milk or cheese), bread.
  • To counteract anemia, it is good to increase iron-rich foods (fish, pulses, eggs, etc.).
  • To avoid cramps, promote whole grains and vegetables rich in magnesium (beans, spinach, lentils, etc.).

New Means for Detecting Prostate Cancer

A group of researchers at the University of Toronto has developed a new portable device that can detect prostate cancer in 30 minutes. The instrument, which has the dimensions of a BlackBerry, can succeed in determining the size of tumors from a single urine sample, while producing a rapid diagnosis, without any medical procedure. The device is currently in an engineering study, but should be available to physicians within two or three years. Once it is in place, the patient would only have to await the outcome of the test in the waiting room.

Detecting Hidden Sugars for Good Teeth

We often point the finger to candy and other sweets as the source of dental caries. However, many other elements of our diet are a threat to our teeth. Topping the list, bananas and dried fruits that contain lots of sugar. But know also that rice, pasta and bread also contain lots of sugar.

The infamous can of cola or iced tea that you consume during the day is also very harmful to teeth. A good cleaning of the teeth (twice daily) and the use of dental floss are obviously the key tools for healthy teeth. And finally, a word about chewing gum – know that sugarless gum has a positive effect on teeth because it helps remove small food residues, and stimulates saliva production!

Water Separated from Wellness

Water makes up about 70% of our body, and always has been, life itself. It provides us with a valuable natural wealth of vitality and well-being. It is essential: it feeds us, cleanses us, heals us and protects us. Let now overwhelmed by life, with different seawater or mineral water therapies.

Some religious practices, which often date back to the dawn of time, give water a symbolic and sacred status. The examples are numerous, ranging from water purification by the sacred Ganges, in Hinduism, to the baptism of Christianity. From a scientific perspective, the healing properties of water no longer have to be demonstrated. Indeed, hydrotherapy is common today in the care of certain diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis and to relieve painful and debilitating diseases or conditions, such as burns, stroke or paralysis.

Thalassotherapy, Sea Multivitamins

The spa has its origins on the coasts of Brittany. It is defined as the use of the benefits of the marine environment in a preventive or curative. It is therefore necessarily practiced by the sea and often has its own hosting facility. Its vasodilatory and skin properties are well-known and recognized; its richness in trace elements can help with cellulite and even relieve various symptoms.

In day spas too, we can indulge in a seawater bath, in a whirlpool or stable form, recovered off the coast at great depths to ensure optimal wealth of minerals. This water is heated to body temperature to facilitate vessel dilation and the stimulation of the skin, allowing the skin to receive nutrients from the ocean (magnesium, calcium, sodium, iodine, silicon, zinc, selenium, etc.).