Good Eyes from Omega-3

Two new studies show that foods rich in vitamin D and omega-3 such as fish aid the health of the eyes. U.S. researchers have observed a reduced risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in subjects who consumed more omega-3 and vitamin D on a regular basis. Remember that at present, there is no way to prevent macular degeneration, which affects nearly 15 million North Americans.

Fiber and Decreased Breast Cancer

Researchers at the University of Leeds, Great Britain, argue that dietary fiber, particularly from cereal and whole grains, play a role in preventing breast cancer in women aged 50 and under. These are fiber from grain sources (wheat bread, whole grains, etc.) that would be most beneficial, followed by fiber consumed in fruits and vegetables. According to British researchers, fiber can reduce the concentration of sex hormones that can encourage the growth of breast cancer in young women.


This is the percentage of infants who were breastfed during the first two months of life, representing a net increase in 10 years. Nearly half are for six months.

Red Meat and Diabetes

You suffer from type 2 diabetes? Then you should seriously consider abandoning the consumption of red meat. Researchers at Harvard University have shown that regularly eating red meat may increase the risk of suffering from coronary heart disease by 50% in subjects with this type of diabetes. To do this, they followed for 20 years more than 6000 women with type 2 diabetes, by analyzing their eating habits.

Hard to Eat Well in Winter

Many have suspected, but now a study from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, confirms that we eat less in winter. The onset of cold weather and reduced morale, just like periods of sunshine, encourage us to eat fatty and sugary foods, while fruits and vegetables become scarce and more expensive. Children are especially the most affected by this change in feeding behavior.

Treating Neck Pain

Are you regularly subject to tension and pain more or less in the neck when you get out of bed, or at the end of your workday? You may be suffering from neck pain. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Try to maintain an upright posture while sitting or walking.
  • Release your head forward, chin resting against the sternum. Make circles with your head.
  • Put your hands behind your neck and press your head firmly on your hands for 20 seconds.
  • Stretch regularly, morning and evening.

A Charcoal Filter for Good Water

Do you use a pitcher with a charcoal filter turned on for your daily water intake? Know that you have chosen the best solution to reduce the amount of chemicals in tap water. So researchers say. Among all methods studied to reduce the presence of chemicals in water, filtration of the water carried out at home with a pitcher with a charcoal filter, followed by refrigeration, has proved most effective.

Babies & Smoke

Researchers at Harvard University have recently come up with disturbing findings regarding secondhand smoke in cars. They measured levels of pollution caused by secondhand smoke for 45 journeys by car. Result? Regardless of whether the windows were open or closed, the rate measured around the infant seat in the rear exceeded accepted thresholds for children by the US Environmental Protection Agency.