Are you single? This is the case of four women and one man in three. The single life is becoming increasingly common, particularly in cities. It is a couple of households consisting of a single person. If the status is no longer frowned upon in broad daylight, the single person is still marginalized and seen as abnormal. But the single life has its own benefits, but some do not appreciate their true value. Living a bachelor life is possible, but just by accident!

While many people aspire to change their single status, if the couple is still the standard to achieve in our society, it tends to change. Like the way this society views single. These are no longer unusual.

The situation is improving. There are more and more singles, and they live better this time than our lives. Singles are not a separate group, we are all intermittent love. Today, it is not unusual to see singles of all ages without being labeled as old maids or bachelors. The company is also organized by considering the single as a separate group: they are intended for books, meals, TV shows and all sorts of activities in their own image.

Care for your social life

Here are tips to avoid the pain of loneliness and isolation, and to enjoy the single life. Obviously, it is necessary to take charge and do not wait quietly sitting at home that miracles happen. The miracles need to be provoked.

However, the celibacy is not alone. To appreciate his single life, we must become active and interested in life, to a maximum of things. It must be the desire and the projection. Do not wait to plan until to be a couple. There are many hoses to see dreams, etc. The biggest advantage is certainly not having to compromise. Celibacy offers great personal freedom. Otherwise, celibacy is not always so easy, since we are left alone to organize life on all aspects.

Make a list of everything that we would do. One begins to practice a sport, we travel, we follow the course files, languages, scrapbooking, music. The possibilities are endless. Just find the ones we like. We go out, it does not depress home or weeping over his fate.

For example, I surround myself of many friends, also single, and trying to do as much as possible, whether through work or leisure. It makes me feel less alone and meet people in the same situation as me.

For a single person to feel good about his celibacy, we must adopt a certain philosophy of life. These are not the tips that will make us feel better. You get used to celibacy. It must be good with yourself and especially for my part, I prefer to be alone for the right reasons not for being in the wrong couple.

The advantages of single life

There are many advantages to celibacy. The challenge is to learn to enjoy it instead of dwelling on the fate. It depends on how you live, but it’s a good time to create new friendships, strengthen others, and to reconnect with yourself, learn to know and to define your needs. It can be very positive.

Few solos people think that happiness lies in married life, and they live their lives as singles in the meantime. This is the worst strategy. This prevents us from taking any action. Some may fall into depression. We must choose – remember your dreams, realize them, meet people, develop a network. If we wait, we may miss our life.

And sex in all this?

Having a sexual and emotional life despite celibacy is a major challenge for most of the singles available. Another tip is to find a way in which they will be happy and forget the so-called normality. Being a couple does not guarantee a fulfilling sex life. Cease to idealize sexuality with another person. There are many women in couples who do not mate. To meet our sexual and emotional needs, we can fantasize, masturbate using eroticism. One can also go get a massage and enjoy the affection of his family.