Since the times of Buddha and Cicero, spiritual teachers and philosophers have continued to celebrate gratitude. Today, psychological research confirms it: gratitude makes you happy and improves your health. Discover what it can do for you!

Speak Out your Gratitude to Life

What exactly is gratitude? Gratitude is the recognition that we extend to a person or situation that brings us something. Gratitude is accompanied by a profound and positive feeling that helps make us happy.

Do you express gratitude enough? Whether you have a lot or a little, you earn a lot when you realize what you have and that you enjoy. This small effort can help you benefit more from the present moment.

Benefits of Expressing Gratitude

Gratitude brings you to different levels. Psychological research has shown that gratitude improves emotional well-being. For example, participants in a study who expressed their gratitude about a situation felt better immediately after exercise, especially if the appreciation was directed toward a person.

We can all live with gratitude. But some people are more inclined to express it than others. What do we gain from people that express gratitude often? They often tend to be happier, easier to forgive and be less depressed than others!

Forge Stronger Links with Others

If you can express gratitude throughout your life, you can maintain your relationships with others in a better manner. Show your gratitude to others by expressing that you appreciate their presence; that you deal with them for good reasons. Studies have shown that people who live in gratitude are more willing to adopt pro-social attitudes, that is to say, constructive relationships with others. Among other results, the act of expressing your gratitude to someone will leave them more eager to help you in the future.

If we are what we are today, it is in thanks in part to people who cross our path. Some have made a big difference in our lives, often without knowing it. They have influenced us to make decisions and take certain actions, through whose experiences we have improved and grown. We gain a lot in taking the time to stop and make a list of all such people and personally delivering messages of gratitude, whether through a phone call, letter, or email, thanking them for what they gave us.

Exercise Your Gratitude!

Here is a brief exercise that will help you live with gratitude. Take some paper and a pencil and answer the following questions. Use lively, exciting phrases in your answers: it nourishes your positive emotions, which in turn will make you want to take actions that will produce good results.

  • Why are you well and happy now? Do not exclude any small reason worth mentioning.
  • Who has brought something positive in your life? What did they bring you?
  • How would you like your life to improve over time? Provide details of all that is important to you. Is it your health, your relationships, your goals, or your finances? Especially think of how lucky you are!

For those who like to study and build their lives, it is possible to make a career out of increasing the wellness of others as doing a degree from an accredited college.

Gratitude is Good for Health!

The benefits of gratitude do not end in happiness and successful relationships! Dr. Robert Emmons, at the University of California at Davis, found that high appreciation increases alertness, enthusiasm, optimism and energy levels. And that’s not all! Among those he studied, those who displayed the most evidence of gratitude were less stressed overall. They were also more likely to exercise and realize their goals. Many good reasons then to express gratitude everyday!