When Mother’s Day arrives, here are some gift ideas to delight your mom.

A treatment at Spa

If your mother has not yet had the chance to discover the unique world of spa, whose philosophy is as much moral and ethical as it is ecological, make it really fun by offering her this little luxury.

World Music: Umalali

Cumbancha Umalali’s: The Garifuna Women’s Project, is an album full of stories. This collection was her vision and it took 10 years of hard work and love for its realization. These women – in exceptional voice – tell their stories, singing. The themes revolve around loss of a house, a family of a murdered son, the pain of childbirth, and other challenges and triumphs of daily life. It is a musical journey across countries of Central America.


Ralph Lauren Romance, limited edition, with its pink frosted bottle topped with a silver medallion in the shape of heart mounted on a silver chain is classic, but always nice. Your mother will be delighted to rediscover its timeless and floral woody fragrance. Eau de parfum spray, 100 ml for $ 95. Sold in some supermarkets and drugstores across the country.

Pearl cream

Swiss Line introduces its most precious cream, Ultimate Radiance – Pearl Cream Supreme. Handmade from 2500 oyster shells, it contains the crème de la crème of ingredients. The innovation of this cream is an unprecedented launch, because it contains patented ingredients that reduce cell damage and activate metabolism to give birth to a radiant skin of youth. The work carried out by Stavros Kofteros, especially reinforces the exclusivity of our high-performance cream. Each crystal piece is numbered and signed by hand, making it a coveted collector’s item. The 30 ml Limited Edition is sold in beauty salons and spas.

The camera Canon PowerShot SD1100

The newest model in the range of cameras Canon ELPH is worthy of the catwalks. The case comes in five colors: brown, bohemian chic pink, blue “rhythm and blues and, of course, the gold and silver.”Beyond its looks, the digital camera pocket of 8 megapixels, with lots of features and an optical image stabilizer, is strongly rooted in the traditions of photographic excellence and imaging innovation that Canon is renowned. This will take a picture of all family members! Available at any electronics store.

Lovingly, for a memory forever!

What a nice gift idea that brings time to a halt! Mom and child, mom and dad, grandma and grandchild, and even grandma, mom and child – the avenues are endless! You can capture these memories and fill a room with it. An initial appointment of 30 minutes for fingerprinting, and five days later, the room is ready. Between $ 130 and $ 250 depending on the model chosen. It also offers the “afternoon footprint” or “evening footprint” for a group of six adults to a minimum. Gift Certificates are also available.

Green Flowers

What a good idea to give flowers knowing they are not from the other side of the world, where too many employees work in abominable conditions (roses, in particular, require large amounts of pesticides that make sick people who grow them). You want to offer flowers in a pot? No problem, vases and pots made of recycled glass are quite ethical, since it ensures that people who make them are not exploited. You don’t even need any wrapping!