We could list dozens as everyone has a little trick, and their own strategy to combat stress. Here are a few of them.

  1. Perspective. An event, an unexpected situation arises and you stressed? Take a step back. Is it really that scary? Try to stay positive and look on the bright side of things.
  2.  Be better organized. Many people would benefit from a better management of their time. Learn to note, to record things rather than keep it all in your head or on scraps of paper. Better organization can help you see more clearly, without obsessing.
  3. Evacuate the overflow. There are obviously physical exercises that help greatly. But there are other ways: Cry a lot, crying or simply a change of pace with an activity that relaxes us. Nothing complicated, but it is often very effective.
  4. Show independence. It may be very well to socialize, make friends and maintain professional relationships with the knowledge to say NO when necessary. Learn to say it, both with a good knowledge to your boss. Keep in mind that in life we often get a chance to choose to do or not do something.
  5. Knowledge is rewarded. In the whirlwind of everyday life, we often forget one essential thing: Having fun from time to time. Nothing better to help forget a lot of trouble. Think about yourself by listening to music, taking a short trip, watching a good movie. We all agree that happiness is often a result of these simple things.

Therefore, it’s the attitude, outlook on life and state of mind by which we can stand a chance to fight against stress.

Five other Ways to Fight Stress: There are methods and practical tools to help us do so.

  1. Relaxation. These techniques are numerous and proven. Whether it’s massage, controlled breathing, or visualization… These approaches often have a smooth unexpected beneficial effect.
  2. Phytotherapy. The use of plants is not new, in fact they have been used for years. Whether as infusions, ampoules, or capsules, dozens of plants of can help fight against stress. A good health food store will guide you.
  3. Homeopathy. Widespread in Europe, homeopathy is gaining momentum on our side of the Atlantic. Again, an expert can direct you to the right products.
  4. Psychotherapy. Often essential, it obviously requires time and money. But, to find the causes of stress and the best solutions is often indispensable and highly effective.
  5. Medication. The term can be scary, but use of psychotropic drugs is often effective, if only temporarily. Anxiolytics (tranquilizers) include a large resort, like antidepressants. These drugs are clearly prescribed by a doctor who follows the health of a person and makes the necessary adjustments.