Even if uncertainty about the future is a cause for concern, even if the unseen bottom of the lake awakens fears, we must abandon our comfort zone and take a plunge. It is however recommended that one meticulously goes through all the stages – introspection, consultation and exploration – before making the leap in the quest for the perfect job… question of not drowning in the vast sea of careers and opportunities.

When interviewing applicants on finding the perfect job, the first word they say is “anxiety”. Most of the people looking for the perfect job, having decided to change careers, are paralyzed by fear of the unknown. This is normal, since we are now in a situation where we have to manage risk. The first step is to recognize that anxiety. We must also realize that the “ideal” job is what we seek, but that has generally found a compromise.

Professionals, managers, traders and workers of all kinds, who aspire to a better situation, are not forced to see a counselor. This can be particularly useful for people who are tapped by anxiety and overwhelmed by the information addressing choices they face.

Many people still wrongly believe that the counselors work only in schools, while many of them in private practice work only for adult clients, employment centers or youth centers. After all, their services are increasingly being sought.

Some of them come through with titles such as career “coach” counselors and likewise others displaying such titles; are not necessarily recognized by guidance counselors. Without the use of alarmist comfort zone warnings, we recommend caution in public at least, checking the certificate of competency of the person he/she wishes to consult.

From Dream to Reality

After you find the ideal counselor and have expressed your expectations, it takes you to introspection or self-exploration, the first essential step in the process. It must be known, not only in terms of tastes and interests. It should also target their needs, whether in regard to interpersonal relations – for example, some prefer to work with people around them – or the balance with the other spheres of life. The guidance counselor has to use psychometric testing sometimes for individuals who experience more difficulty in identifying their aspirations.

Before going further, the job-seeker must be able to define the “ideal” in his quest for “perfect job”. For some, the “ideal” is related to working conditions while for others instead of employment, type of employment is more important. He must think about what you no longer want and find what you want to find in the job.

The desire to travel has ceased to titillate you, but you’ve never been able to bear the costs? Several international agencies are looking for employees willing to go into exile. You should not dismiss out of hand these “crazy ideas” that run through your mind when you reach the second stage of career guidance – that of exploration – because they are often of personal relevance.

The third stage is the most difficult, is the documentation of options. We must confront the dreams to reality. Do not build castles in Spain… That’s why it’s better to be accompanied by a professional or loved one to get through this phase.

It is also desirable to improve it by looking or by visiting the workplace, the person who practices that trade or profession which attracts us.

Discuss and seek

Whether or not you have consulted a counselor, research centers of employment are also a useful resource in the quest for the perfect job. The person who has already made a long way in his personal journey may go to them and may even meet an employment counselor, three or four times if necessary.

The process guidance support generally starts with a group discussion, after which the job seeker will attempt to clearly define the objective of his quest, meeting a counselor, who may need to lift the veil and lash out improbable choices and zero down to opportunities that cater to his abilities, and also perform with him or her – the balance of skills.

The next three weeks are devoted to practical research of the perfect job, for example making use of his network of acquaintances and in some cases, agents of the research center job offer advice on how best to contact potential employers. We realize this sometimes by mock interviews.

It may be tempting, throughout this long search, to rely on the abundant harvest of tracks and information provided by the Internet. Do not put all your eggs in one basket… Young people in particular, accustomed to the immediacy, too often think that by sending their CV via the Internet, they will have the answers right away; they are so reluctant to approach three weeks.

Some centers even offer services a la carte, for example for people who have already used their services and who are unemployed again, looking for a different “ideal” profession. After all, orientation is not one step of the career path and is conducted throughout the active life. Yet, when we dive safely, the luminous waters of a new route can be as attractive and comfortable as the snug little tub.