A survey has shown that people in search of a soul mate are no exception to the rule and can be found on the Web trying to find the rare pearl. And the trend will continue to grow, because some study results upset many prejudices.

The study has followed nearly 300 surfers whose relationship has been initiated on the Internet. First major finding: 91% of Internet users say they are satisfied with their relationship born on the Internet, calling it a rich and stimulating. In fact, the findings of the study tend to demonstrate the formation of a new form of marital relationship on the Internet – “e-relationships”.

How does such a relationship take shape? In the first stage two individuals create interpersonal relationships using e-mails, chats and other means of communication. But fairly quickly, the interpersonal relationship becomes more intimate and from that moment the two potential lovers may be defined as a ‘cyber couple’.

What is surprising is that Cupid can strike very quickly, despite the seemingly cold medium that Internet is known to be. Instead, the screen gives a sense of anonymity and security that ensures that individuals tend to engage more easily. Approaching someone in person, striking a conversation in a bar or a public place is much more troublesome and demanding for many individuals.

Thus, according to the survey, 93% of respondents said they felt very close to each other during their e-relationships. As it grew rapidly, they felt favorably disposed towards each other, despite the fact that everything was virtual, without direct contact. A fact that surprises, is that romance is very much present in Internet relationships. A “cyber couple” can form after just a few hours of virtual exchange. It is as if the lack of physical proximity practically increases the degree of romanticism in e-relationships, although there is an average of six to twelve hours before a e-relationship begins to take shape over a chat.

The study also shows that on an average, most candidates have communicated with a dozen people before falling for a potential partner. But once he or she found it, it took about ten sessions of chat before planning an in-person encounter. As such a meeting is usually held in a public place, rushing things is not an issue.

It also tells us that 75% of the followers of dating sites on the Web want to meet people and establish a stable relationship that will last long. Because despite the popularity of games on the Net, we must admit that there are still many proposals for adventure, almost 50% of the time.


Many beautiful love stories have been born on the Web, and more and more are made each day. But the fact remains that these tool unfortunately also its share of risk.

Some advice

1. Always bear in mind that alongside the pleasure of anonymity, it can also be dangerous. Anyone can pretend to be anything. Be careful.

2. To filter the talkers, take time to chat with someone for a few days before making revelations or sharing private details.

3. Strict rule to follow: Never give away your phone number or address. Even the email address should remain hidden at least until the first meeting.

4. And for this first meeting always choose a public place, a place where you can call someone if needed. This first meeting will determine what happens next. If this is disappointing, you will be happy about not having revealed too many details of your personal life.