According to pundits in the tourism industry, now is the ideal time to visit Croatia, before the place changes to becoming too touristy and too expensive!

Croatia welcomes visitors with its historic towns, its Roman ruins, national parks, monasteries, rich gastronomy and its 1,700 kilometers of coastline lined with beautiful islands. It has often been said of Dubrovnik that it resembles nothing less than the Amalfi Coast in splendor. A detour to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is also worth seeing for its architectural beauty.

Who: Croatia will appeal to those who wish to have a good time near a coast and spend a few days at the beach, while still enriching themselves with history.

Budget: Allow about $ 150 per day for lodging and meals of a middle-level quality.

When to go: The period from May to September is ideal for its climate, but the coastal region sees major tourist activity from July to August, and so should be avoided. Choose, therefore, the months of May, June and September, which will be cheaper than prime summer months.


Given the trend in recent years to travel the world “differently”, a destination like India attracts more and more tourists in search of scenery. I bet that Bollywood movies and the success of Eat, Pray, Love, a movie in which the beautiful Julia Roberts travels to an ashram in India, has something to do with it too!

India is a country of contrasts that leaves no one indifferent. Big cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi; the many spiritual sites; colorful bazaars; the Taj Mahal; and the beaches and jungles are all reasons to visit India. And what about Indian dishes with their unique taste!

Who: India is for those who are not afraid of the scenery and looking to experience something very different. After all, India is quite literally on the other side of the world!

Budget: Prices vary greatly between cities and regions. On average, expect between $20 and $70 per day.

When to go: The months of November through mid-February are the most interesting, owing to milder weather.


Offering a mix of adventure, nature and exoticism, Kenya is now increasingly visited by U.S. travelers. In Kenya, it is mainly safaris that steal the show. Who knows, if you’re lucky, you might see the famous Big Five (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino)! In addition to its potential for safaris, Kenya offers visitors its mountains and deserts, some fascinating tribal culture, beaches, rain forests and colorful sea-beds. The National Park of Mount Kenya, Masai Mara, Jade Sea and the Rift Valley are worth visiting during a trip to the country.

Who: Kenya will appeal to those who dream of safaris, savannahs, and beaches. The country is a nice introduction to the African continent for those going there for the first time.

Budget: On average, for suitable accommodation, three meals of a local flavor, travel and visiting costs, you can estimate around $50 per day. Allow extra for a safari.

When to go: The climate varies greatly from one region to another. Learn to avoid the months where heavy rains occur, which differ for each region.


If Turkey remains politically stable, as has been the case for some years now, it is estimated to experience a significant boom in tourism in the years to come. It is still relatively unknown to Americans, but starts to stand out among different travel companies that now offer tours to this country that straddles both Europe and Asia.

When we talk about Turkey, it is not enough to mention just Istanbul – the former Constantinople – its mosques and basilicas, but also the fascinating region of Cappadocia with rocks shaped chimneys, and many other magnificent ancient cities and beautiful towns which all seem part of a beautiful coastal dream.

Who: A whole range of people would find Turkey appealing – history buffs, fans of ancient yet trendy cities, and outdoor enthusiasts!

Budget: From $70 to $120 per day, it is possible to have comfortable accommodation, three meals, a tour and some travel.

When to go: Spring and autumn are the best times to visit most of the country.