Sandalwood. Excellent oil for skin care. Comforting during the winter months because it stimulates the immune system. Add it to the mixtures that you use to rub chest and throat. Relieves stress and nausea.

Chamomile. Effective against sore muscles and pain. Increases patience and calm the mind, reduces insomnia, menstrual cramps, PMS and depression!

Lemon. Lemon oil is an antiseptic and an astringent that cleanses, refreshes, cools and stimulates. Used for oily skin. Relieves swollen legs and feet aching.

Eucalyptus. Powerful antiseptic. Greatly use in oil baths and massages during the cold season, or to rub the chest, an air diffuser in the bedroom of a sick person and also as insect repellent.

Geranium. Balanced oil for mind and body. Relax, restore and maintain emotional stability. Excellent astringent oil for all skin types. Used to massage where is the cellulite. Oil with sensual properties.

Lavender. Excellent, against insomnia: Pour a drop on old sheets for a quiet sleep. Relaxes muscles and refreshes tired feet and head. Cures coughs. Restores and balances the body.

Peppermint. Excellent for refreshing tired feet and against headache. Calms pain. Helps to stay alert and think clearly. Good for the digestive system. Breathe from the bottle or pour a drop on a handkerchief to revive during travel.

Orange. Calms the nervous system and insomnia. Mix spices with oil baths for winter fun.

Rosemary. Used for massages before and after physical activity, it maintains the flexibility of muscles. Relieves stress and nausea.

Rose. Good for the nervous system. Perfect for dry skin, it also helps prevent skin aging. Oil with sensual properties.

Important caution before using essential oils

Essential oils are very concentrated and can be harmful if used inappropriately. They should never be used without first being diluted. As with any medication, it is important to comply with the recommendations of use. If in doubt, please consult an aromatherapist to avoid undesirable side effects.