Acting Together

Frederic Back, director of the famous animation movie The Man Who Planted Trees shares with us his enormous talent. On his website you will find nearly 5,000 of his original work. You can see him marrying his love of nature and the planet with a message of hope, but also a call to action. For a better world overall.


Weekend Getaway

Want to go out for the weekend? No time to go very far? Plan three days in a big city. Your choice: New York, Boston, Toronto, or Chicago… But don’t go too far, because the weekend is too short. Happy travelling!

The E-Store

Browns offers the first online store for shoes. It is now possible for users to shop online and choose from over 100 brands. You can use the site and easily find if the shoe fits in the comfort of your living room.


A Paperless Office

Is your office is drowning in paper? Here are some suggestions to help you regain control of your command. You can get clear ideas and keep your head in order!

  • LUNS Magnetic board, Ikea
  • REBUS rattan storage, wall or table, Ikea
  • Slott Vertical Organizer, plastic, Three by Three Seattle, Home Depot
  • Bulletin board, magnetic tape, Three by Three Seattle, Home Depot
  • JAGGI magnetic board, Ikea
  • KVART, Ikea
  • LINGO magazine racks, Ikea

Five Remedies for a Little More Organization

1. The solution outlet

Keep to your schedule and your strokes of genius using a billboard or a wall system that provides storage space for mail, keys and other trinkets that clutter up the office.

2. Divide

Instead of being a source of obstruction, classify papers and store them in their respective space. Vertical storage can aerate a little bit of your work area.

3. Light

A light and very discreetly wall gives you support and space in your work.

4. Be magnetic

Like magic, everything that occupies the office can be hung up magnetized. You can hang masterpieces by Junior and also various notes that tend to get lost easily.

5. Portable files

A way to kill two birds with one stone: papers can be kept in order and still are easily transportable.

Everything in a boat

Here’s an effective exercise to relieve your tensions. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the edge of a river. A robust and reliable boat approaches you slowly. Take everything that concerns you and stresses you out, and drop it into the boat. Then let the boat go, full of your torments. Watch the boat – and your worries – float away from you, and feel relief.

Eco-Responsible Workshops

We hear a lot about sustainable development, but what role can we really play as consumers? Did you know that meat, milk and eggs can contain high concentrations of pesticide residues and other pollutants that are not organic? Are individual packages are 50% more expensive than bulk packaging. Does an American uses an average of 390 liters of water per day, twice of that of a European. Can you buy local and organic? These are the types of questions that an eco-friendly workshop can address. They also can offer courses on environmental responsibility in order to encourage companies to integrate principles of sustainable development into their marketing activities and events.