Very soon, the Individualist will lie in a particularly permeable original value of parenting: “Stand yourself by your sensitivity.” An invitation to give priority to the emotional universe. This child will invest in its relational world, not to fill the needs of others or to convince them, but in the hope of finding his identity.

His specific talent. This person has a style! Very good at finding harmony with aesthetic beauty to nurture and beautify its environment, it leaves nothing to chance. All around him everything is personified: his clothes, his jewelry, his agenda, his bulletin board, the living room, bath items, kitchen storage, everything.

His search for the single is insatiable. Every time he will act by his convention. Whether in a work of art or a different way of working to educate its children, or to establish an exchange with another, his personal touch will there. His creativity is exciting, but his best characteristic is his desire to awaken social conscience. He wakes us up, tells us that the world is our friend, animals and plants too. Everywhere, he knows the links and enters the hidden beauty.

Its pitfalls. The Individualist attaches a great importance to examine what happens within him to customize his life, and doing things uniquely. Despite the advantages of this internal logic (give color to his life), he has a constant need to break ranks, to avoid stereotypes who can play tricks on him.

If this is Your Type, Here are some of your Features:

  • An artist (declared or not), creativity is your salvation. Exploring new avenues is a part of your everyday life. You feel a compelling need to embellish, customize your decor. You’re right with you, nothing is ever the same.
  • Your introspective ability is exceptional. The question “Who am I?” tickles you forever.
  • Your worldview is filtered through staff, which is both your strength – it humanizes the look – and your weakness – you are very vulnerable to what others think of you.
  • You like solitude, and you enjoy finding your way and repeat the scenario in your life when you visit the drama (emotional intensity). What if I pass? Will they miss me if I were crushed by the crane?

You in connection with

Family. Sometimes, the Four experiences some ambivalence toward their family of origin – though attached to it, they remain distant, fearful secretly to merge with it and lose their color. The usual signs of affection, conventional festivals bore them. The Individualist express through chosen gestures, which, themselves, are not banal: a unique gift, dug in the bazaar, a package which you tear with a big “Oh!” When his turn comes, he takes his parental role to heart, and he accompanies his children in a unique way, emphasizing their independence and creativity.

Team. Obviously, his desire to be different may complicate integration. It is a dilemma being integrated without being a part of the fray. Feeling strange, he is reluctant to share social activities. He begins to exclude itself, which confirms and makes him suffer. He feels he is in perpetual exile, and sometimes very lonely to build on the awareness and beauty.

Remember him! The Individualist inspires us to know ourselves. He has the ability to set the tone, adding his personal touch, and if he agrees to adjust the instructions, you will discover an inspiring and vibrant colleague, leading a project with ingenuity.

To get along better with him

  • Parents need to understand that their need for autonomy is often a precocious child. The more you insist for him to conform (and find a paying job!), the more he will resist.
  • Rely instead on his extraordinary power of resilience. Despite its apparent fragility, the Individualist is tough.
  • Encourage them to express themselves without drama. Tell than that you understand. Listen to them sincerely, without giving advice or inundate and rush with your solutions. He will make his way, anyway.
  • Supervise his do-it routine tasks. His need for fantasy is compelling. Bet on his ability to survive all contingencies.
  • Enjoy his great capacity for empathy when you suffer.

Stress and health

Situations where he must lead a life without surprise, the daily repetitive tasks, generate a lot of stress and eat away his energy. A too long cut in his creativity, may make him physically ill. The discomfort often results in skin problems (eczema, lupus, hives), respiratory allergies, and digestive disorders (Crohn’s disease, celiac disease).

To support his body

Long been used for respiratory, skin and appendages (hair, nails) aliments, sulfur is said to be the element that promotes expression of the soul. Yet, his emotional intensity requires a steady supply of good sulfur: fresh fish, organic eggs, asparagus, onions, garlic, black radish, chestnuts, figs, papaya, mustard seeds, almonds must be part of his diet.

His life mission

The development going on here by the self-discipline. Stop comparing yourself and admit it to yourself that it is time that luck smiled. Your challenge: Renounce the desire to do only what you like and at your own pace. Practice appreciating the simple things, which are daily, repetitive, but inhabited. Thus, in the present moment, you will receive the feeling of “connection” where all is one. The Individualist, you will become the “Builder” (as the Freemasons, the builders of cathedrals, insider secrets of the universe).