Each waking day seems to bring a new product or new approach with some infallible cure. How is it then that we are not all healthy?

Despite the excellence of the solutions offered in the form of products, approaches and methods, physical symptoms occur anyway with the extra weight and complications of all kinds.

To meet the requirements of society and to achieve personal goals in terms of physical health, it is quite natural and appropriate to use everything at our disposal, hoping to make the right choices. Yet, despite the high quality of products and methods suggested, some succeed and others fail. Could there be some mysterious element that influences the results?

Physical exercise and healthy eating habits is certainly the key to health and wellness. However, any form of outside pressure and any conflicting situation causes stress that may disrupt this wonderful machine that is the human body. So an item that must be taken into account to maintain or regain our health is emotional stress.

Confessing the truth in simplicity, honesty and humility is to accept the reality of what we experience vis-à-vis the whole situation of our life.

The Power of Emotion

Weight and health problems form the effects of stress, that is to say, emotions and emotional history of each of them. Therefore, the improvement obtained by following the chosen approach of – weight loss or improved health status – is sometimes temporary. We must also consider the emotional (stressors) angle to achieve concrete results and the desired changes.

Of course, admitting the truth about your feelings can be confusing when everything of it may look like a feeling. According to what one has learned and integrated previously in his life, it is best to hide the emotions and manage stress. Currently, there is recognition that stress, a state of tension and emotion, is felt and can be managed if temporarily. Only the awareness of the real emotion will negate the effects of stress on the physical body.

How to Identify an Emotion?

Identify a means to recognize emotions and feel them again. From that moment, the only thing that remains is to let it go. There is nothing more to do, since the emotional tension vanishes at the same time and thus has no negative impact on the physical body.

The discomfort subsides until it disappears completely in the moment, hours or weeks, depending on the importance of the physical disturbance. In the event when sickness persists, it is because the emotion has been metalized without any link with the emotional feeling.

Feelings: You Reap As You Sow

The recognition and awareness of emotional stress in addition to the first two key elements: exercise and healthy eating is essential. These elements are inseparable for those wishing to achieve its objectives in terms of well-being.

How to Recognize the Emotion

By don’t letting of the right to refrain emotion, one comes to ignore the nature and extent thereof. It is not enough to express anger and sadness to see the disappearance of physical disorders. Among the emotions, there are also all the fears, anxieties and concerns about the past, present and future, and the remorse and regret, guilt, frustration, despair and so much more.

Admitting fear is however equally as inadequate as to express your sadness: it is incomplete. To discover the full emotion, it must be sought wherever it lurks. It hides in the depths of being, and to achieve it, we must reconnect with oneself. Once contact is established, it emotions can be expressed with greater ease and clarity with oneself as with others. That increases the chances of success.