A clear vision and dreams with a timetable help you move forward. But what is the spark that ignites the powder and allows success to engulf your entire life? This spark is the strength of conviction. And what is belief? It is a profound belief related to what you want to achieve. It involves believing that you are able to succeed. It unleashes your desire to achieve your objectives and supports your efforts to get there.

I often have the pleasure to give lectures and training on motivation and self-realization. These topics are much appreciated. During these events, I noticed two types of diametrically-opposed attitudes on the part of participants. The majority of them believe in the happiness that I present through new tools and insights that help them improve their lives and work. However, some participants become very negative when they think that their life does not satisfy them and that they are not making efforts to improve it. These people maintain an opposite belief, that they cannot change anything. They are sealed and disempowering in their place in not mobilizing their energy to live the life they dream. They lack the force of conviction.

This formidable force for change that we all have also depends on our ability to make decisions. But not just any kind of decisions! I’m not talking about soft decisions in which we do not take action. In that sort of case, one simply wishes! And that’s what we do most often: “I would change jobs,” “I would lose weight,” “I would like better relations with others” and so forth.

A real decision is irrevocable. When you decide to improve your life, you really do. If you decide to save and invest for yourself to create real financial freedom, you really need to reduce your expenses, save more and spend no money. So it’s not all about having a vision. One must be prepared to do whatever is necessary to achieve it. Otherwise it remains only a wish.

That is why it is important to feed your conviction to improve your life and convince yourself that your goals are really worth it. A person can give himself a thousand goals. But without the conviction to achieve them, nothing happens. He will only talk. And the syndrome of “talking the talk but not walking the walk” is unfortunately quite common. We find it easy to dream and to speak, but doing things is a different matter. This difference lies mainly in the conviction to make our lives better.

Dissatisfaction with certain aspects of our lives is a good source of belief that helps us make a difference. Sometimes you have to suffer in order to end up taking the decision to change things. Being aware that we only have one life to live also reinforces that conviction. You can even develop a sense of urgency to live. This feeling will motivate you to make concrete actions to improve yourself every day.

It is Belief that makes the difference in your ability to make your dreams a reality. If you want to improve something deep in your life, you should also make sure that your vision of yourself supports you. If you are convinced that nothing can succeed, it will be hard to convince yourself that you can.

In this way, if you want to quit smoking, quit it entirely. A person who does not smoke does not light a cigarette. If you want to become more punctual, clarify the concept behind the definition of what you are.

You should know that you change and improve yourself, and become this new person who matches what you want and behaves as such. Nobody is born a smoker, nobody is tardy from birth. We learn most of the bad habits that make life difficult. Thus, to feed the strength of your conviction, you must see yourself as if you already have passed your goals.

When you make a decision in order to improve yourself, conviction makes the decision final. If you give an option of failure deep within yourself, you will fail. Because you have no real conviction that you will succeed and that you will not return to your old habits, you fail.