Each year, we eat an average of 4.5 liters of pesticides, dyed yellow, gray mine, through food. The winter has left its mark on you. Your diet is too sedentary and too rich, not to mention the toxic air that you breathe! The spring cleans toxins from the body and cures it. The body becomes lighter and the mind flutters.

Like Tibetan monks, each spring, we should purify ourselves and leave our digestive system. If Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato were fasting in order to stimulate their intellect and to clarify their ideas, we Westerners are looking for the cure of spring to get our body in action and regain energy and balance. Whether through a treatment program or by consuming supplements, it is to find the method suitable for its needs.

Toxic life!

Toxic substances undermine our health. The air we breathe is responsible for a part of that pollution. The food we eat contains traces of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Our skin absorbs chemicals through synthetic cosmetics. Faced with this toxic load, we are vulnerable. Key nutrients to the natural mechanism of detoxification are not found in most of our industrialized food. It is therefore essential to support our system of detoxification.

The food additives suspected of being linked to asthma, urticaria and hyperactivity in children. White flour is stripped of 90% of magnesium, a mineral essential to detoxification.

The poisonous effect

In Chinese cosmogony, the spring is associated with the liver, the seat of the soul and inspiration. Its imbalance affects mood and promotes depression. Excess toxins impair the body’s excretion mechanisms, and weakening the metabolism. The liver acts as a filter that neutralizes the toxins carried by the blood. If overloaded, organs of elimination system suffer. If not eliminated, these wastes get deposited in the cells. Fortunately, the treatment gives a rest to the organs and releases the waste.

The skin condition is a good indicator of the saturation level of the organization.

Your detox plan

The spring cure is characterized by the absorption of food and plants to remove the toxins. The solutions available to you are numerous in the form of fruit juices, brewing plants or supplements.

The apple is one of the most efficient foods against toxins. It contains antioxidants that lower cholesterol levels. It contains pectin that promotes the excretion of heavy metals that get accumulated in the colon. It also helps the body to eliminate additives such as tartrazine, which are associated with the development of hyperactivity, migraine and asthma in children.