What diseases are associated with disorders of the digestive system?

The list is so long that it would be easier for you to not to answer at all! The most common are headaches, fatigue, back pain, gastric reflux, constipation alternating with diarrhea, various skin problems, gas and bloating.

Improving the hygiene of your digestive system, particularly the colon, where fermentation is often at its height, and as the range of toxins present in the form of gas are quickly cleaned, we can limit number of unpleasant symptoms. A healthy digestive system really slows down aging and, no doubt, prevents diseases.

What Aids the Normal Process of Digestion?

We ourselves impede the normal process of digestion, by overeating, consuming too many cooked foods devoid of enzymes, and eliminating little or no waste. You really should start working at your food habits, but without becoming a fanatic. We are what we eat. And it’s so easy to eat raw vegetables than to cook them. The most urgent requirement is to reduce the bread and pasta and increase the consumption of raw food.

Several Diseases are Due to the Alteration or Absence of Enzymes, Why Are They Important?

Enzymes are the foundation of life. We enjoy a healthy life with enzymes. Enzymes die in the heat during cooking, which forces your digestive system to the tap into our reserves to keep up the active work of degradation of the food we eat.

Start eating more fruits and raw vegetables, which help in digestion of proteins (meat, dairy products, etc.). For those who are not used to it yet, you can add to their daily diet enzymes production which contain commercial protease products.

For problems with constipation, laxatives and nutritional habits for optimal bowel movement

The first thing to do is eating more foods containing water such as fruits, raw vegetables and sprouts. Bread, pasta and their derivatives absorb the little water that is available in the colon and form a sticky paste in it. The colon has more difficulty in advancing its content, which explains why the stool dry and difficult to evacuate. A laxative forces the bowel to evacuate fluid and dehydrate more stools. I recommend digestive enzymes instead. The results of using them are excellent and more sustainable.

Unfortunately, the supplements in the market are not all scientifically recognized as colloidal (7000 times smaller than the cell). Inexpensively manufactured vitamins and mineral formulas can overload the kidneys and cause more harm than good. As there are more and more brands being introduced in the market, one must first ensure that they meet the standards.

Consumption of Psyllium Fiber before Colonic Irrigation

Taking psyllium can irrigate more powerful and facilitate better clearance of waste stuck to the walls of colon. An already started cleaning process makes treatment easier for both the client and the therapist. For best results with psyllium, I recommend drinking lots of water, reduce the consumption of starchy foods and increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, but start with small doses. When the colon is compacted very old hard stools, do not expect miracles taking by psyllium. We must go slowly to find a permanent cure.

Enemas at Home?

They are advocated if the problem of constipation is persistent, rather than continually taking laxatives, which eventually do more damage and dehydrate the bowel. Taking psyllium fiber and one or two enemas per week greatly improves the health of the intestine.

How to Define ‘Optimal Overall Health’?

The definition is simple: have a daily dose of movement, creation, work and laughter. For this, we must take care of our physical body, because it then allows us to do many interesting things in life.

First, we must realize that our body has its limits and avoid pushing it to the end. Then pay attention to our discomfort, rapid response, do not be afraid to release negative emotions and go seek help if needed. Eat raw and living food, drink good quality water, properly eliminate our waste, sleep at least eight hours per night, supplement food with high quality products, learn to relax without feeling guilty, and that’s the part of the recipe for loving your life and enjoying it!