To put an end to the daily troubles, you can start by treating your digestion. Here are several tips to get rid of allergies, fungal infections, colitis, tendinitis, bloating, constipation and many other problems can sometimes seem unrelated to the stomach. Think again, everything comes from our guts!

Why Look to the Belly?

Because many health problems originate from the belly. There is a link between many diseases to an imbalance of intestinal flora and our overall health and even our state of mind depends on our belly.

What Types of Stomach Ailments Stem From a Bad Shape?

Just a disruption of our internal ecosystem is enough for the appearance of various inflammatory disorders, fungal infections, nasopharyngitis and skin problems. The immune system is weakened, allergies appear, fatigue sets in and the mood darkens. In short, when the stomach is wrong, nothing goes right.

How our Behavior and Mood Can Be Influenced by our Intestines?

We must change the way we perceive things. For example, behind a simple headache, there is a deeper cause. The belly can express its grief by taking circuitous routes. There is evidence that many of the digestive pains, such as heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome, seriously affect our psyche. The function of intestine is not limited to the simple process of assimilation and digestion it also affects our emotions.

Besides Food Processing, What is the Function of the Intestine?

The intestine is also called the second brain! It communicates directly with our brain through the intestinal nerve tissue connected to the vagus nerve. The gut produces more than 20 neurotransmitters, including serotonin, the substance known to regulate mood and promote, in a sense, happiness!

And if I do not Suffer from Bellyache is it Possible that my Bowel may be Sick?

Just because we do not feel any pain, it does not mean there is no damage! The intestine may well suffer without any harm being felt. Indeed, almost everyone has a bowel problem or deficiency.

How is it that So Many People Have an Ailing Stomach?

Our diet is not adequate. The contemporary lifestyle ensures that we eat industrialized food too often. These foods contain contributions from various sources, which provide too much gluten and dairy products to the body. Our mistakes damage the intestinal mucosa and it becomes permeable. The toxins then seep into the flora and cause allergies and inflammation. The body is fed up and crashes.

What Should I Do?

We should eat only natural foods and prefer raw vegetables. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is desirable. Legumes, fish and white meat are recommended. As for red meat, it can be eaten once or twice a week. Provided you eliminate grain industry, and too sweet and oily food.

The Key to Overall Good Health Stems from a Balanced Flora. What is the Role of Probiotics?

These friendly bacteria in the intestines move there and prevent the proliferation of harmful microbes. Probiotics strengthen the immune system, aid digestion and repel any toxic particles. They give a nice boost to restore intestinal flora after taking antibiotics and before surgery or anesthesia.

Supermarkets offer a Wide Range of Foods Fortified with Probiotics. Are these Recommended?

Yogurts are of no interest. Their concentration in bacteria is clearly inadequate. Between when the yogurt is made and when it finds itself on the shelves of shops and then be consumed, the quality probiotic is no more interesting. It is best to take nutritional supplements that colonize the intestine after the first dose.

What are the other Enemies of our Intestinal Flora?

Stress, alcohol, aspirin, birth control pills, antibiotics and anesthesia are all spoilers. Intensive sport also leave abyss in the digestive system. During exercise, blood supplies the muscles and leaves the digestive system. Much remains to be done to raise awareness among people.

Your Natural Allies for a Healthy Stomach

Clay. In the capsule form, it slips into the bag to soothe stomach ulcers. The clay absorbs the some acidity and toxins, viruses and bacteria that cause intestinal gas.

Coal. A sponge that reduces bloating and flatulence while getting rid of toxic molecules.

Chromium. It is an appetite suppressant. This mineral enhances the reception of sugar by the cells and helps the production of serotonin, a substance also known to alleviate hunger.

Turmeric. Flavor your food from this plant to fight against gallstones. It stimulates the secretion of gastric mucus and provides protective combat against irritation.

Laughter. It is a sign of health and regularity… It acts on intestinal distress. This is an excellent laxative!