Did you know that the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary? In our consumer society, though, it seems that advertising and media such as television have generalized the idea of the American dream. If we define the American Dream as the desire to succeed, there is no harm in that. But a skewed version of the American Dream is the belief that we can succeed without working or supplying much effort. Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth!

People who believe in this simplistic version of the American dream are quickly disappointed and discouraged because they get nothing. Just because some people have become exceptionally successful without giving too much effort doesn’t mean it is the rule! Further, when people tell success stories, they often forget to tell us all the work behind those successes, don’t they!

I don’t mention this to discourage you, but just to show you that you can get success more easily if you provide the necessary efforts to work better. You can get more and more results as you work less and less.

When you integrate continuous improvement into your life, you get results, many good results. And you are the only source of your success. So you must capitalize on your strengths and ensure you become a person who cultivates efficiency. Remember that efficiency is the extent of the means used to achieve results.

You must therefore focus not only on improving your productivity. This potential is what will determine what your basic ability to get what you want in life. Here is a practical tool to improve your productivity so that you can work less while getting more of what you want!

Capitalize on Your Resources to Succeed!

To capitalize on the best resources and voice your full potential, ask yourself, as often as possible, these questions, and attempt to answer them through your work and activities:

  • What are the results that I get most of my life?
  • How can I use my time and my actions as constructively as possible?
  • What can I do to get more results?
  • What are my activities that provide me the greatest value?
  • How can I best use my time?

The last question is perhaps the most important, because to ask it and answer it often maximizes your actions to help you get better results.

Feed the Positive Vision of Yourself

Remember the importance of repeating how we first we achieve for ourselves. I do not work in order to be admired by others, for I know that my self-fulfillment does not make me any more or any less valuable than other human beings. I only know that my working on myself allows me to improve my life. The result? I don’t want to live in the shoes of someone else!

When you read the last lines of this article, close your eyes. Imagine the person you want to become in five or ten years. Imagine that you are now a person more efficient and respected for what you do. Who are you now? What are your plans? How do you work? What do your values and dreams look like? Do people think of you, your success, and your perseverance?

In answering these questions, you enrich your vision and you raise it; it will make you a successful person. You know now that you have the potential to produce all the results you want. Do not wait to implement it!