I would never have written those articles a few years ago. All content would have been only theoretical because at that time, I had not yet experienced the benefits of personal achievement and continuous improvement. Now, however, I try to lead by example and I write these lines with a deep certainty that I had not before.

The certainty is that we really can achieve when we have gone through the trouble of doing what is necessary. This implies to give yourself a vision, to strive, to ask questions to improve and to persevere.

Nothing in my past has predisposed me to make myself as I am now; I am successfully convinced of this a little more each day. I have this belief because I decided to get more of what I like in life.

And remember that real decisions are not just wishes: they are always accompanied by action! In other words, you must first listen to gradually strengthen the control you have over your life: this control is guarantor of confidence and self-esteem.

You can read plenty of books for personal growth. But you will not get any results until you have taken full responsibility for your life, just as you need to believe you can succeed (and the patience to achieve results, feed your efforts and move past failures).You alone have the power to initiate this healthy process.

I know many people are passionate about self-realization. They attend seminars and conferences, they read many books for personal growth. These sources of positive news feed their motivation at the time, but this motivation does not always last long enough to bring lasting change to their lives.

What’s missing there? The most important thing is to have an overview of your life, a clear idea of what you want to get – big and small – and an effective way to take action and measure the results we get.

These strategies have the potential to maintain your motivation and perseverance in the face of failure until you succeed in all you want! The aim of this paper is to help you turn around your life.

If you are “too busy” to devote time to clarify your goals, improve your efficiency and your results, and not take the trouble to congratulate yourself on your personal improvements, nothing will happen. If you expect that an event or person will change your life, nothing will happen.

This major decision is one you should take for yourself. Therefore, you will no longer apply “strategies” but will experience the results you’ve created! You completely revolutionize the way you see your life and live it.

Change all it takes to succeed, but be who you are. That is how you are loved! You have all the potential you need to do most of your dreams. But you must start now!

If you really want to achieve and live the life of your dreams, take action and nothing will stop you. Never!