The Bowen Technique stimulates vital energy and the ability to heal the body, in addition to providing general wellness. Simple and effective, this method wins, and rightly so, more and more followers.

Restore the Energy Flow and Healing with Bowen

Structure governs function, which means that a disruption in its operation will disturb structure and, hence, that of the whole organism. Thomas Bowen, the creator of the therapy, believed in a form of vital energy that must flow freely within the body. Today, we say that his method works by balancing the autonomic nervous system to help maintain body homeostasis. Homeostasis is defined as the tendency of organisms to stabilize their various physiological constants in order to maintain a steady state in spite of changes and disturbances in their environment.

The Bowen Technique does not seek to treat specific conditions, but rather to stimulate the body for it to implement its own recovery mechanisms. This dynamic technique, gentle and painless for both the recipient (from newborn to the elderly) and for the therapist, is distinguished by a series of precise movements on activators of nerve receptors in the fascia (the membrane enveloping) of muscles. Between each movement, mark a break to allow time for the body to react to the subtle stimulation.

More and more health professionals and therapists add the Bowen technique to their practice because of its simplicity and efficiency.

Some applications of the Bowen Technique

  • Accelerate time to recovery from illness, surgery or injury.
  • Relieving pain because of a set of limitations and musculoskeletal problems (muscle and joint pain, migraines and headaches, movement restrictions, fibromyalgia, etc.).
  • Significantly improves the current disruption of the digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems.
  • Relieve nervous tension, stress and insomnia.

Reference – The Original Bowen Technique

Endermologie: Health, Hygiene and Beauty

Aesthetic considerations are often the cause of the use of Endermologie®. But as this method affects all physiological functions; its benefits go far beyond initial expectations.

Endermologie® is a mechanical method of massage developed in France in the 80s by LPG Systems® and was originally used to treat scars and burns, it has also proven effective in the treatment of cellulite. Based on the use of two motorized rollers and controlled suction, this mechanical method, is non-surgical, safe and effective, and works by massaging “palpate-roll” and reshapes the body by draining the excess fat cells. The skin is gradually gets back the elasticity, flexibility and firmness.

Cellulite is a prime target, but this skin condition is only visible effect of deeper causes, including impaired physiologic changes. Other health problems arise sooner or later because of a lack of fluidity in these exchanges and poor elimination of toxins. Aesthetic considerations take second place when illness strikes.

A Comprehensive Approach

By acting on deep tissue, restarting the blood and lymphatic circulation, and activating the body functions, including the excretory organs, it facilitates the elimination of metabolic wastes and the return to health. Especially when the disorder of posture and balance are corrected. It takes a comprehensive approach, but also a therapeutic model is adapted to each case.

Interventions are punctuated with an Endermologie therapist’s advice on healthy lifestyles (nutrition, physical exercise, oxygenation, posture, etc.). Because the treatment focuses on metabolic imbalances it causes cellulite and fatty deposits to subside naturally. There is also a reduction of stretch marks and dilated capillaries. Heavy legs and swollen ankles are relieved.

Proven by numerous scientific studies, it was observed that after a session, blood flow increased 400% for 6 hours, the lymphatic flow by 300% for 4 hours and finally collagen production could increase by 27 to 130% after a course of 20 sessions. No wonder more than 100 million sessions have been delivered to over 10 million people worldwide.