Have you ever questioned what you know about science? Have you ever thought that perhaps scientists can’t explain everything about our world and the way it works?  A new book encourages you to question what you think you know about the world we live in whilst uncovering hidden scientific research and providing a new unifying theory.

Blinded by Science by first time author Matthew Silverstone offers a theory which when applied to factors like water, plants, the Sun and the Moon all seems to make perfect sense. As simple as it sounds, this is the theory that – everything vibrates. He explains that everything vibrates from the nucleus of an atom to the molecules of our blood, our brain, sound, plants, animals, all the way into outer space. Once this basic principle is understood, everything suddenly becomes clear. As the author applies this theory to the world around us, you will be astounded by what you learn.Blinded by Science, a book by Matthew Silverstone

It is important to note why the author wrote the book to begin with, as he has no background in science. He admits himself to being a real sceptic in the past; needing solid proof to be swayed from believing anything but not true fact. Yet after his son fell ill with Chronic Fatigue, for which there is no cure, he was forced to look at complementary forms of health treatment. Being let down by modern medicine and doctors and after exhausting most alternative treatments, his son was eventually cured by an energy healer.

Of course very sceptical at first, it required a monumental awakening such as this to make the author then spend almost two years in libraries writing this book. By using medical and scientific studies to prove his ideas, this book steers away from any New Age nonsense or spiritual gibberish by providing real facts to back up his concepts.

In today’s world, what Blinded by Science has to offer is very relevant. Firstly, it provides a greater understanding of the consequences of living in 21st Century and the effect this has on our personal health. In the chapter ‘Technology’ the effects of electromagnetic waves in relation to illnesses such as diabetes, chronic fatigue, autism and multiple sclerosis are pointed out.

Cases of these illnesses have risen in numbers quite dramatically over the past 20 years in conjunction with our advancement in technology. Devices like mobile phones and computers are large contributors.  Silverstone tells us that the number of diabetics has risen extortionately with 360 million people expected to have it in the year 2030. Compared to 30 million sufferers back in 1985, this is a shocking statistic and an alarming increase.

For an illness usually put down to poor lifestyle and diet, this can’t be said for China who has the highest number of diabetics worldwide. But has their diet changed that much over the years? It wouldn’t seem so as it is mostly traditional and not at all similar to our Western diets, so something doesn’t add up.

Blinded by Science also offers support for the homeopathic community due to new information about the properties of water and vibrations. Dispelling the myth that water has a memory as completely incorrect, he offers a new explanation which can be found in the chapter ‘Water’. Biodynamic farming is also de-mystified and the effects of the lunar cycle and power of the Moon covered in depth. In the chapter ‘Plants’  you can learn about the health benefits to be gained from trees and plants and how contact with them has been proven to reduce symptoms for people suffering with ADHD and various mental illnesses.

Such a book may prove imperative in providing a new understanding of the world we live in and our place within it. But most importantly it forces you to take a look at your own health and ways you may improve it which you may not have previously known.

Taking you beyond the confinements of modern medicine and scientific knowledge, it is a thought provoking read. What makes Blinded by Science so different from other books is the fact that this one is interactive.

By going to the website www.blindedbyscience.co.uk you can download the book for free until 30th April 2011 on a chapter-by-chapter basis. The idea is that you must make a comment on the forum before being able to download another chapter. If the author likes it, he will put it in the book. Go to the website to get involved and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about.