Some habits not only take a toll on your money, but on your quality of life too. Several things are unpleasant in life, and I won’t list them all here because you certainly hear about them often enough. Unfortunately, human beings have the tendency to avoid what they cannot deal with. The results – tobacco and drug use, alcohol and food bingeing, restlessness, compulsive sexuality, and more!

All these bad habits stem from essentially one thing: relieving our frustrations. But what we forget is that these bad habits can affect our lives, if not ruin them. They tend to be very expensive! Worse, if you try to escape your frustrations in this way, you’re only creating more of them. Thence a vicious circle.

Let’s take an example. Cynthia is obese. She is ashamed of herself and she has the habit of eating too much. She also eats foods rich in sugars and fats, potato chips and ice cream, for example. Cynthia maintains a vicious circle through thoughts like this: “I might as well eat whatever I want to, nobody loves me anyway, it’s not as if I’m beautiful!” This thinking is defeatist and nourishes the problem in the first place!

Cynthia does not realize she maintains herself the situation that hurts her. On the contrary, if she gave herself clear objectives in terms of nutrition and exercise, she would focus on the solution and not the problem. She would go into action and find that she has real power over her life and her body. She would gradually develop a virtuous circle, become lean, and revive her self-esteem and health.

A virtuous circle is the opposite of a vicious circle. If bad habits breed more bad habits and encourage disastrous results, good habits promote even better habits and more positive results. The more you commit your life to a virtuous circle, the more motivated you are to get better; and the easier it becomes to achieve results that are as constructive as they are spectacular!

Bad habits and disillusionment have a great influence on people’s lives. Some people have much to do in building their lives. They are unhappy because they are unknowingly trapped in a vicious circle. I help them then to realize all the power they have over their lives, how to motivate themselves and what actions to take daily to engage in a virtuous circle that gives results!

Thus these people who suffered learn to develop their independence and become their own coach to live the life they dream of. Some truly revolutionize their lives.

To break your vicious circles, you must replace the bad habits that make you high in life, no doubt, but not by pursuing what you truly want and love. Improvement requires changing your vision.

I’ll share a personal example. Personally, I have not always valued physical activity. And sport is not among the values of my family. Several years ago, I was sedentary and I hated exercise. That is a bad habit that would have hurt if I had kept at it. Yet I knew that exercise was beneficial to stay healthy, increase energy levels and stay slim. These reasons were enough for me to start working out three times a week for 15 minutes per session.

At first it was difficult. But I was proud of my initiative and I waited for the results, which were not long in the coming. I felt better about myself and more energetic. The story did not end there. I trained more and more to get results. And remember, I’m not an athlete! But I spent more efforts and I was even more motivated. So I increased the pace four times, five times a week, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes per session. Today, I train six times a week, 30 minutes each time, and I still aim to improve my training. Needless to say I am quite comfortable in my skin!

You can have this kind of virtuous circle in all facets of your life from your relationships, your Self, your career, your finances, and your health. Why maintain bad habits then? Why do you think you cannot improve?

Why are you convinced that your dreams are impossible to achieve? Just because you’re used to focusing on your failures, you get discouraged. Thus you gradually abdicate the power you have over your life. You probably don’t know your true potential. To achieve, you have to leave your old habits behind and replace them with new ways of living. And this change requires taking real decisions!