Fighting exhaustion? Find energy and prevent disease by following one of the oldest medicines in the world: Ayurveda.

Following India’s rich of at least 5000 years old, Ayurveda is a system of care that balances body and soul. According to this “science of life” (translation in Sanskrit), it is better to prevent disease rather than cure. The balance of our doshas (vata, pitta and kapha), these three forces that govern us, must be maintained to ensure our health.

Like the universe, our body is composed of five elements: ether, air, water, fire and earth. These are found in the doshas and influence us. Each individual has a different proportion. This ratio (prakriti) is unique to you, like a fingerprint.

Balance with Ayurveda

To maintain overall health and fight stress, you have to avoid that one of the three doshas is amplified and upsets your internal balance. Thus, the goal is not to put in equal proportion each dosha. It should rather respect your own doshic balance. Ayurvedic medicine recommends to adjust lifestyle, activities and diet according to your prakriti.

Ayurveda could be part of school education. This is a way of life to develop in childhood, which fits easily in our daily lives and is to meet its own nature while harmonizing with others and environment. It is learned by taking time.

Who are you?

Each dosha is in fact an indicator of our health. It defines our nature, our body and mind. So, here are three profiles to find out who you are and care needed to meet her little nirvana!

To know which is your dominant dosha, calculate the points this way: 2 points = quite, 1 point = moderate, not at all = 0 points.



  • My skin and my hair is dry.
  • I am thin and I do not take weight easily.
  • It is harder for me to support cold weather than most people.
  • I have the wit, imagination and I am expressive.
  • I am excited.
  • I become easily anxious or worried.
  • I often have trouble falling asleep and having a deep sleep.
  • I speak and act quickly.




  • My skin and my hair tends to be greasy.
  • I take weight easily.
  • The cool and wet weather does not suit me.
  • I am calm and methodical.
  • I love and I forgive easily.
  • I need lots of sleep and I sleep deeply.
  • I have a good reserve of energy and resistance.
  • I act rather slowly, but I am consistent in what I do.




  • My skin is soft and my hair is fine.
  • I am tall and average weight.
  • In hot weather, I feel uncomfortable and am tired.
  • I am easily impatient and critical.
  • I feel bad if I skip a meal.
  • I sleep pretty well.
  • I am a perfectionist and I like challenges.
  • Many people find me stubborn.


Analyzis of the Ayurveda test

Now that you know your dominant dosha, here’s how to interpret your results and neutralize an imbalance. By following the rules of life that offers your prakriti, you qill prevent health dysfunction. If the imbalance is somewhat larger, Ayurveda offers treatments and food – both physical and mental. There are also treatments in the form of massage therapy. After all the well-being, body and soul can only be in harmony, and from them the idea of the diseases…

The vata type

  • You need rest, relaxation and a daily massage with medicinal oils to replenish energy.
  • It is best to go bed before 10 pm.
  • Avoid products that are bitter, pungent and astringent, which give gas. Prefer sweet foods, acidic and salty. Eat hot and in sufficient quantity.

The kapha type

  • Be active and make cardiovascular sports to help eliminate toxins.
  • Look for light, dry, spicy, bitter and astringent food. Reduce your intake of fat and heavy, as sweet and salty.
  • Choose firm massage.
  • Avoid sleeping during the day.

The pitta type

  • Choose calm sports like swimming, yoga and tai chi are preferable, as your intensity can burn you if you abuse.
  • Be moderate.
  • Avoid violent movies and prefer comedies or, again, spend time with friends who will entertain you.
  • You can afford sweet and heavy food. Above all, do not take acidic foods.