That is decided, you want to improve your fitness. But will you keep your resolutions and continue your training? Here are some tips to evaluate your motivation and make sure that you stay focused for a better physical and mental health.

Good reasons

Why did you start the training program? The reasons behind this decision are that you learn more about your level of motivation. If they depend on the advice of your doctor, the reasons are usually serious. A doctor is often a trigger. People are realizing that they must take care of their health. Especially if he is a professional.

People who undertake physical activity to heart-cons, who feel compelled to exercise undoubtedly will experience motivational problems. In that case, the failure seems to be assured.

Make a list

Here’s a simple strategy. Separate a sheet of paper into two columns. In the first, enter the advantages and disadvantages of not taking action and, in the second, good and bad reasons to engage in physical activity. Use our arguments to evaluate your motivation.


When the exercise starts, the first three weeks are often the most difficult, as breathlessness and pains are often at the rendezvous. We posed the following question to stay motivated: does this slight discomfort is greater than the discomfort of not feeling strong? When the negative effects of not being physically fit are higher, our motivation will automatically grow. Otherwise, we must question and re-evaluate our training. Maybe this is not what we need.


If gym is a painful duty, and you experience no pleasure in the exercise, it is likely that your motivation is low and tapering. To rectify this, simply think that we love it and it brings us pleasure. We try several ways to find the ideal activity. Joining a fitness club is not a guaranteed way. Too often due to lack of motivation will waste your money when the subscription is for one year, and basically you do not enjoy that even for a month. The offer of all kinds of physical activities is always a great deal. Delve, shop around and choose the one that suits you.

To seek advice

The best way to check your motivation and retain it is to be advised of the activities by your entourage. Usually, when people are recommended by family, motivation will be at the rendezvous.

Be encouraged

Generally, a practice session with an acquaintance or a friend can encourage you to stay motivated. If you’re exercising with another person, it is difficult to cancel it and your motivation will be stronger.

Define motivation

Finally, your motivation will be on the high if your goals are as specific as possible. The more is vague, the more will be your commitment. For example: you want to lose five pounds, you want to run five kilometers in under 30 minutes, you want to lift such a weight, etc. More specific the goal is, the more it indicates a high level of motivation.