Month: February 2012

Succeed Through Personal Development

By Scott Wright We all strive for success throughout our lives, but many people find that the success they hope for remains elusive, no matter how hard they try. You will never succeed by just sitting around and waiting for good things to happen. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to improve yourself and therefore improve your chances of achieving your goals and turning your dreams into a reality. Keep reading to learn more about these effective techniques. Success is 99% perspiration Thomas Edison said that genius was ninety-nine percent perspiration, and this is true even for those of us who are not geniuses. It may sound simple, but it is still true that success is almost always the result of hard work. Not everyone who works hard will succeed to the same extent, but staying dedicated and being willing to put plenty of time and effort into a task will dramatically improve your chances of enjoying success in the end. Try to work on developing a capacity for hard work and the ability to remain focused on a particular task until it has been completed. Life has no meaning without integrity Without your integrity, all of the success in the world will mean nothing. Staying true to yourself and your deepest beliefs and principles will make all of your achievements far more meaningful. When you are able...

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Do You Take Your Daily Vitamins? You Should Know What is In the Bottle

By Carl Hruza When I started my health business in 1998 I took a fairly conventional approach to product formulation. I had an idea for a potentially beneficial vitamin supplement formula which I’d researched extensively, and was at the stage where it was ready for manufacture. Most new supplement companies start out by sourcing a contract manufacturer with a lab facility and a good reputation. They pay for testing, reformulating, manufacture, bottling, labeling and in some cases, product fulfillment. My approach was no different and it seemed a fairly logical and straightforward process. However, during my first month of working with my chosen manufacturer, I discovered a serious problem. Most eGMP supplement manufacturers issue something called a ‘Certificate of Analysis’. It’s basically an in-house lab test on the supplement which details things like purity, it’s level of contamination, it’s projected shelf-life, etc. What it did not detail, nor by law is it necessary to include, is the processes used for taking the raw materials from source to the manufacturer. Most vitamin supplement manufacturers buy the raw ingredients and they arrive with a spec sheet from the supplier. The details of this spec sheet are not reprinted on the manufacturers C of A so the purchaser (in this case me) does not get to see the first stage of the process where the product is collected, harvested etc and processed...

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