Month: September 2011

What is Supraspinatus Tendonitis?

The Rotator Cuff is a tendon, formed of a system of muscles around the socket joint of the shoulder, and intended to support and stabilise the ball of the humerus while co-ordinating the arm’s movement. Four muscles make up the Rotator Cuff – the infraspinatus, the subscapularis, the teres minor and the supraspinatus. Although all four fulfil a different individual role, their main function is working together to aid in rotation and lifting of the arm. Repetitive strain on the shoulder, often caused by frequent actions as innocuous as throwing a basketball, dusting a high shelf, or weight-lifting, can lead to inflammation of the Rotator Cuff. The muscles spend so much time rubbing against the surrounding bones that it becomes swollen and irritated. As a result, it can cause pain across the top of the shoulder when extending, lifting or rotating the arm. In more extreme cases, wear and tear on the muscles of the Cuff can be so intense that one or more of them tears, causing moderate to severe pain, and often requiring surgery to correct. How do I recognise Supraspinatus Tendonitis? Damage to the Rotator Cuff is characterised by shoulder pain, weakness and loss of movement in the arm. The severity of these symptoms is dependent on the extent of the injury, with minor inflammation causing discomfort only when the arm is lifted above the head,...

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Discovering what you are passionate about

For a long time I kept passing up on opportunities because I felt it wasn’t my passion. Ultimately I think the underlying reason was that I felt I was only allowed one passion. If you find yourself bored, that’s a great time to start dabbling in many different areas to find a new passion. What is a passion? I used to think that a passion was the one thing that made me unique, that made me better than others. I was under the impression that this one thing should be something I get discovered for and am basically worshipped for, or at least highly looked up to. Now I like to use the word interest instead of passion. You see the reason you are bored is because you find no real interest in what you do. The activities that you currently do not fulfill you in the way that you would like. So an interest is something that fully engages you in the activity. When you realize the things in your life that do not engage you, then you will get rid of them. If there are things that already do engage you, then you will do them more. Another way to look at interests is what do you like to get up for early? What leisure time would you give up to engage in this activity? How to...

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