Month: April 2011

6 Exciting Travel Destinations

In the world of tourism, it is green destinations, cultural sites, and urban areas that stand out; and above all, regardless of location, it is places where tourists try to walk off the beaten track and meet the locals. According to travel agents and websites specializing in tourism and sales of travel guides, Americans are no exception to the rule. Let’s go around the World in just 6 stops! 1. Argentina: Tango in the Streets of Buenos Aires It is both for its wines and landscapes, and the very cultural city of Buenos Aires, that American tourists travel to Argentina. This great South American country offers more to its visitors through many opportunities for hiking, skiing and traversing the snow-capped peaks of the most stunning deserts of the world. For whom: Argentina appeals not only to outdoor and wine enthusiasts, but also to those who want to dive into a fascinating culture. Budget: $20 per day for budget travelers, and up to $60 per day for very comfortable accommodation and meals in fine restaurants. Allow a little more for days spent in Buenos Aires. When to go: September to November (spring) or March-May (autumn), when temperatures are neither too hot nor too cool. 2. Corsica Why Corsica? Well, given the outdoor opportunities that its landscapes and authenticity provides, and the fact that Americans can now get there direct thanks...

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Organize Your Work for Better Efficiency

“If you’re going to work backwards, you might as well make yourself happy: change jobs!” said one speaker. Maybe it’s because of a lack of organization, or maybe it’s because of the people around you, but it’s undoubted that your drive to work has slowed down. Whether you work full-time, or part-time, you definitely spend several hours per week at your workplace. It’s in your best interest to make it enjoyable and stimulating! What is your work environment like, physically and humanly? Is it a burden for you to have to go to the office, day after day? Are you able to end your days with the impression that time slipped through your fingers so fast that you didn’t exactly know where they day went? How can we manage to be happy and effective at work? First, we must analyze the environment in which we operate, to be able to make appropriate changes thereafter. A nice work environment will stimulate your creativity and give you energy. Look around and examine what can be improved. Ideally, you will have at least one window that provides natural, soothing light. Otherwise, consider changing the colors that adorn the walls, so as to brighten up a dark place. Proper lighting will reduce eye strain even more. “Green up” your environment with plants that require very little maintenance. Try to surround yourself with personal...

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The Final Steps of Strategic Planning

Action is the main source of learning and results. Without action, your strategic planning is doomed to a more acute failure. Thus, it is not right to just have a plan, healthy ambitions, and to identify your strengths and know what constraints you can eliminate. You need to use this knowledge to good effect through action. But we must not act in just any old way. You must ask yourself, “What actions should I take to get results consistent with the plan I have drawn?” To summarize, the essence of strategic planning is to identify what the best actions to take are, to get where you want. Persevere No Matter What Happens Now that you realize you need to work every day, let this not be something that discourages you. Only the most patient have been the greatest visionaries that have achieved phenomenal results in their lives. Of course, the most important thing in terms of your own achievement may not be to invent something revolutionary, but consider this in terms of your own interests and values. When you decide to adopt good habits every day, you will indeed need to make an active effort, at least initially. But think of a rocket that soars to the stars. If it cuts off its engines during climb, it will fall back to earth. In contrast, if the thrust of its...

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