Month: April 2011

Self-Development for Yourself

The tools that I have presented in previous articles can be very useful. I do find myself, for that matter the enthusiasm of the people I coach, that they begin to feel that they regain power over their lives! The sparkle and wonder in their eyes shows how many small changes can make all the difference. You already have great power, but it explodes when you decide to use it better by taking concrete initiatives. When you take action, you start to believe you can revolutionize your life, and it is this belief which then allows you to succeed! It is easy to read articles like these. What is really difficult is to update its content in every application. When reading strategies and personal management, and time management, you may feel that the lives of those who use them are set as a Swiss clock, leaving no room for freedom or chance. If so, they fail miserably to live the values that matter most to heart and be happy. However, imbalance alone does not lead to happiness. A day that is too regulated will not necessarily aside beautiful aspects of life. In other words, do not go crazy with efficiency! Because the effects of continuous improvement are gradual, and one must never stop to enjoy the present moment. I have presented a wide range of strategies you can use....

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What to Do to Get More and Better Results

You know already what to work on first. But to get more and better results, you must also identify what makes you lose your time. Before you begin, first clarify what must be done and the best possible way to do it. So you choose actions that yield the best results while you eliminate actions that are unnecessary – and these actions are often numerous and popular! My actions are towards what objective(s)? This question ensures that your every action aims to achieve a specific objective. The fact that you ask make sure you do not get lost en route. When you answer this question, you eliminate all the little things you would mechanically do that are distracting and yield no results. If you work as a team, make sure your employees share much the same goals as you. How do I perform my action or my business? This issue is one of efficiency. There are always several ways to perform an activity or action. Are some methods simpler and faster, while still giving you the same results? When you answer this question, you choose the most constructive avenue to get your results. What are my expectations and what is my knowledge, with respect to the actions that I undertake? Your actions are always based on all the knowledge you have. Sometimes your knowledge and expectations can be rough...

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How Do You Perceive Your Life? Through Scarcity or Abundance?

Do we realize we not who we want to be because we simply lack ambition? We’re stop ourselves from leading an exciting life because we do not believe we can succeed. “Why bother trying?” This world is very restrictive of scarcity. According to this way of thinking, there is not enough “success” for everyone. In this way, if a person succeeds, he or she is stealing the potential success of others. Needless to say that this view is extremely limiting! Instead, you can develop a vision of abundance. According to this way of thinking, the ability of people to succeed and achieve is virtually unlimited. Each new success in your life or that of others inspires and motivates new initiatives that are yet more successful. Human beings are extremely complex. We need to know how to get in touch with others to maintain healthy relationships that help us stay healthy and preserve our quality of life. The realization of the self is a fundamental goal and a process at once. If we do not pay attention to this overarching goal, we get no results. We work all our lives, mechanically, without our actions really mattering to ourselves. Now, to really make yourself and find your vision, you must first know yourself. Fast forward to many, many years in the future, when you’ve reached the end of your life. Imagine...

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