Month: February 2011

6 principles to help you organize

Nowadays, with the hectic life we lead, being organized is crucial. The sense of order is innate in 25% of people, but how do we get organized if we belong to another 75%? And why is this so important? As you can imagine, it is crucial to be well organized because it will improve your productivity, reduce your stress and give you more control over time, space and activities that shape your life. Being more organized means having more time to oneself. The organization will also provide you a great sense of personal satisfaction and inner harmony. Finally, you will be one of those who have control over their lives. Organization will give you plenty of benefits, since clutter prevents prosperity, health, happiness and money to find their place in your life. It creates physical, mental and emotional blockages. The space freed up by your meticulous organization will allow you to fill your life, with whatever you love and cherish. How do you restore order in the clutter of your lives? Simply follow the general principles of organization. Principle 1: The decision You will never hold yourself better if you do not take the decision to change yourself. The decision will be the hardest part, but it will also be the most beneficial. We are resistant to change because we feel helplessness or fear against the initial discomfort associated...

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Discover Golden Door Spa

The first spa in America, Golden Door, has inspired the North American wellness industry for over fifty years. Experience the life of luxury in one of their establishments as a member of the chain “Luxury Resorts and Hotels”. You will experience a revealing transformation.  Deborah Szekely: Portrait of a pioneer and philanthropist This fabulous adventure began 65 years ago when Deborah Szekely and her husband, Edmund, settled in Mexico and founded the first “health camp” in America, dubbed “Rancho La Puerta”, in Tecate. The rural settlement was the birthplace of the first health food in the world and visitors could pitch their tents for $ 17.50 for a period of one week. During this trip, you can attend the first sessions of Edmund, who already at that time, warned about pesticides, herbicides, smoking and alcohol, while extolling the virtues of vegetarianism with her garden. The couple then indulged in visionary calisthenics (predecessor of aerobics). The motto was to cultivate your mind in a healthy body, an ideology that is very popular today. The couple has been doing it since 1940! A few years later, to meet the growing demand of visitors who sought more luxurious benefits, the first Golden Door – an ultra luxurious version of the original concept of Tecate – was born in 1958 in Escondido, California. Thanks to his pioneering vision and sense of entrepreneurship without...

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