Month: January 2011

Keep your brain young

As we grow older, our quality of life depends much on our brain and our cognitive faculties. It is not enjoyable to lose our lucidity, our memory and having difficulty in concentrating. Here are some tips to keep your brain young! Stay intellectually active! The brain works on neural networks. More often you ask these networks, the more you make them strong and do not let your number of neurons decreases. Instead, if you do not use your mental faculties, you accelerate the degeneration of cells and the loss of your cognitive abilities. Make a variety of intellectual activities which need attention. The more you exercise, the more you increase your attention and concentration. These activities will also have a positive impact on your memory. Do not miss any opportunity to learn. Learning requires the brain to create new neural networks. Thus, the more you learn, the more you train your brain to stay active. Get enough and deep sleep. The third phase of sleep, REM sleep, is known to promote memory retention of learning that took place during the day. The fact of long and deep sleep will save you from memory loss. Eat to live long and healthy The daily consumption of certain molecules that occur naturally in foods decreases the chances of developing cancer. Is not this a great way to stay young when you know...

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Strategies to stay young

Did you know that we all have a real capacity to improve and maintain our health? It depends on our ability to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle, based on well established knowledge on health. Here are some secrets for the fountain of youth, to stay young as long as possible! We live increasingly old in the West. Indeed, for 140 years, life expectancy of the population increases by one year for every four years. But beyond the sanitary and economic prosperity, there is a sure way to live long and healthy: prevention! The old age – “Better safe than sorry” shows how long we can keep our quality of life and avoid suffering if we make some effort every day. Here are some strategies to help you stay young and keep an overview of your health. Physical activities It has become proverbial to involve physical activity to health. Unfortunately, most Americans are not getting enough exercise. The first strategy to stay young is therefore to incorporate physical activity into daily living. If this represents a challenge for you, one trick is to do exercises, that you really like and incorporate, everyday without you noticing them. For example, the act of walking instead of driving can help you a lot to get there. If you stay physically active, you earn the benefits throughout your life. For example, you will...

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